We Don't Just Preserve Capital, We Grow It

OneWall’s Multi-Family Alpha® strategy produces differentiated results through proactive, vertically integrated management, rigorous data-driven asset selection, and repeatable processes that produce consistent outcomes.

We acquire low-risk assets with operational and financial value-add opportunities that generate excess risk-adjusted returns at favorable acquisition pricing.

All investments are:

Multi-Family Alpha®
The Right Strategy For The Right Markets

Why Workforce Housing

80% of demand from 7MM rentership growth through 2025 is renters making less than $75K.

Unique Social Impact Opportunity

Preserving and improving naturally-occurring affordable homes for hard-working Americans.

Demand Significantly Outpaces Supply

Growth in workforce jobs is outpacing housing supply by 8x, leaving a supply deficit of more than 300,000 units per year.

Recession Resistant

Workforce housing has low turnover, high occupancy and is at the convergence of renter by necessity and renter by choice trends. There is employment stability from educational, medical, government, gray/blue-collar, and entry level white collar jobs.

Cumulative Growth of Workforce Jobs vs. Workforce Housing (2017-2026)

Why The Northeast

We generate superior deal flow of undermanaged or situationally attractive assets within undervalued secondary or primary adjacent markets that offer favorable asset cost basis. The region is anchored by the powerhouse local economies of DC, NYC, Philadelphia, and Boston, with the many major employment centers in dire need of naturally affordable, quality housing.

High barrier to entry, stable occupancy, densely populated areas with walkability and/or convenient transportation access.

Permanent affordability gap between renting and owning due to historical and projected supply-demand imbalance.

Diverse and stable employment centers with large workforce populations and significant renter household growth.