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Nate Kline - Chief Investment Officer / Principal at One Wall CommunitiesFor a limited time, OneWall Communities  known for pioneering the multifamily workforce housing investment space – is offering the unique opportunity to contribute to short-term promissory notes (“Notes”) that deliver high monthly yield.

1) Your Note earns 8% annual interest from a 12-month or 24-month term!*
2) Raised funds will accrue interest immediately and be deployed for pre-acquisition costs, real estate acquisition, and preferred equity investments
* All Notes are prepayable after 6 months’ interest has been paid and have $50,000 minimum participation.

Nate Kline, Co-Founder/CIO

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Why OneWall? Why Notes?

OneWall co-invests in all acquisitions and has deployed more than $50mm of at-risk capital in the company’s deals and infrastructure.

OneWall’s partners average 20+ years of experience; the firm has completed more than $1 billion of transactions, invested more than $300mm of investor equity and successfully exited more than 40 properties.

Vertical Integration
OneWall is an owner-operator not only raising/investing capital but overseeing every facet of the property lifecycle through property management, asset management and construction management.

Consistency & Security
All past Note obligations have been made on-time and in full; OneWall partners maintain first-loss position on Notes.

No Fees & First Look There are no fees on any Note and accredited investor participants will have the option to roll Note principal and/or make investments in OneWall sponsored Funds or single asset equity deals before other prospective investors.

Popular & Non-Correlated Dozens of OneWall supporters have participated in Notes to generate consistent cash-on-cash returns irrespective of public, private and real estate market performance indices. Most have participated in multiple Notes.

Exterior of apartment building by OneWall Communities

Renaissance Portfolio

Case Study

Investment returned more than 100% of original equity investment via refinancing in less than two years and sold for double the acquisition price in four years.

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